Home Learning

Home-Learning (formerly known as homework!) at Morley Place has recently been reviewed through discussion with parents, children and staff. There is a requirement of the following subject based home-learning each week;

  • 1x English
  • 1x Maths

These will be handed out each Thursday, due in for the following Tuesday. This will allow children 3 evenings and a full weekend to complete tasks. It also allows them Friday and Monday in school to ask staff for further help if needed. In addition to this, the ‘Home-Learning Club’ runs each Monday from 2.50p.m to 3.50p.m, where children can drop in and work with TAs as a final chance for support, before it is due in the next day. Of course though, Home-Learning tasks can also be handed in early if complete!

Alongside the subject based activities, we are asking that you listen to your child read at least 3 times per week please and fill in their Reading Diary section in their School Planner. For older children and confident readers, your child could make a comment of their own, that is then signed by yourselves, or an older family member. Staff will then check these each week (usually on a Friday!) and those who are reading regularly will be entered into a weekly draw! As we are trying to encourage reading for pleasure, children can read their school reading book, a newspaper, comics, magazines, non-fiction books or anything else that interests them. Our ultimate aim is to develop a love of reading amongst the children at Morley Place, as the more you read, the more you learn. Simple as that!

From time to time of course, there may be occasions when it is not appropriate for Home-Learning to be set and we will always aim to inform you of this (to avoid any arguments at home!). This should be done via a note in your child’s planner or a text message home. There will also be an additional menu of Topic activities to choose from to complete at home, which will be allocated by Class Teachers. This might also extend to projects over the school holidays and include research to prepare them for an upcoming topic…

Our thanks in anticipation of your support.